Last year 762 students went back to the school and spring dances. This year only 645 students attended the two dances. What is the precent of decrease?

Accepted Solution

The percent of decrease is 15%Further explanation:We have to calculate the percentage decreaseThe formula for percent decrease is:[tex]Percent\ decrease= \frac{decrease}{original\ quantity}*100\\While\ decrease\ is\ calculated\ as:\\Decrease=Original\ quantity-decreased\ quantity[/tex]GivenOriginal Quantity=762 studentsDecreased Quantity=645 studentsDecrease=762-645=117Putting values in the formula[tex]Percent\ Decrease=\frac{117}{762}*100\\=0.15*100\\=15\%[/tex]The percent of decrease is 15%Keywords: Percent Decrease, PercentageLearn more about Percentage at:brainly.com/question/5565320brainly.com/question/5533462#learnwithBrainly